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Course Perks:

  • Completely online
  • LIFETIME access to content
  • Certificate of completion if you finish within 2-week grace period
  • Private Facebook group for continued networking and support
  • Live “office hours” webinar with Dr. Himelstein to get real-time feedback on the youth you work with!
  • 8 CEs for eligible professionals
  • COST: $147 $117 $95 in this one time offer! (that’s a savings of 35%!!!)

Get the Trauma-Informed Care for Professionals Working with Youth 4-week online course at a substantially discounted rate! One time offer right now only!!! Learn pragmatic, concrete, and actionable skills to implement in your work immediately!!!

Course Dates: 1/28/19 – 2/26/19

This course is completely online and you can access ANYTIME! You don’t have to be online at a certain time.


  • Week 1: What is Trauma? (and how to identify it in the youth you work with)
  • Week 2: The Physiology of Trauma (how trauma impacts the brain and learning)
  • Week 3: Trauma Adaptations (the “behaviors” we often “deal with” and how to more skillfully work with them)
  • Week 4: Trauma-Based Interventions (what we can actually do to help)