Are you interested in a full training partnership?

Full training partnerships between the Center for Adolescent Studies, Inc. and institutions/organizations are long-term partnerships that include an initial MBSAT Certification done on site at your institution, follow-up consultation and live training, and a train-the-trainer intensive.

Eligible organizations/institutions include Government Mental Health Departments (County, State, etc.), Government Correctional Institutions (State, County, etc.), and other organizations with full-service partnerships in their areas to provide substance abuse services for youth. 

Training Partnership Phases

Phase 1: Initial MBSAT Certification

This involves the training of your staff of counselors/clinicians in the initial 3-day MBSAT certification. This is done onsite at one of your facilities and has a maximum enrollment of 20 participants. Participants are expected to be fully prepped on numerous aspects of the program prior to this stage.

Phase 2: Live Training and Consultation

The start of phase 2 includes selecting the staff that will ultimately participate in the train-the-trainer intensive (phase 3). They will be selected in consultation with Dr. Himelstein and a “live” date will be set for Dr. Himelstein to observe them delivering part of the curriculum after which he will give feedback.

Phase 3: Train-The-Trainer and Follow-up Consultation

This full partnership culminates in an intensive, 3-day train-the-trainer seminar led by Dr. Himelstein with a small percentage of participants selected from the initial certification (participants must have been in the initial certification and have been facilitating the curriculum).

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