[Webinar Replay] Trauma-Informed Mindfulness for Helping Professionals Webinar


  1. Watch the webinar replay by clicking “play” above. Feel free to download the webinar slides and worksheet (to the right) to follow along to get the most out of the training
  2. Once finished, fill out the quiz below (80% pass rate is needed). Click “submit” and if you pass you’ll get a pass confirmation (if you don’t pass, refresh the page and try again).
  3. Once done with the click go to the evaluation page and fill out the evaluation and click “submit.” You’ll then be directed to your certificate.
  4. The certificate page will have a downloadable certificate. Please watch the webinar until the very last minute because that’s where we discuss how to fill in the certificate. Thanks!

Webinar Quiz (needed for CE/Cert if you're watching the replay)

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