Join us for a FREE live webinar on 7/20/21

Title: Trauma-Informed Mindfulness for Helping Professionals: Resiliency in the face of Burnout, COVID, and Trauma

Announcing a FREE live webinar to discuss the practice of mindfulness through a trauma-informed lens, within the context of everything we as helping professionals have dealt with for the last year during this pandemic!

Date & Time: Tuesday, 7/20/21 @ 11AM PST for 60 minutes!

This webinar will include actionable, pragmatic, and concrete ways to practice and teach mindfulness to cultivate resiliency in the face of trauma (for our clients), burnout (for ourselves), and the pandemic (for us all).

If you’re a therapist, educator, case manager, mentor, health coach, or really any type of “helping professional” who works directly with people impacted by trauma, burnout, and/or the pandemic, join us for this FREE, live 1-hour webinar!

Learning Objectives:

  • Define trauma-informed mindfulness
  • Demonstrate a conceptual map for the cultivation of resiliency through mindfulness practices
  • Demonstrate trauma-informed mindfulness through both mindfulness meditation and mindfulness beyond meditation

Other notes:

  • This webinar will be one hour long!
  • This webinar will take place during the PST time zone!
  • There will be a replay of this webinar sent out!
  • You will be emailed instructions for CE and a certificate!

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