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Compassion as a Resilience Tool for Helping Professionals in Trying Times (5.8.2020)

Below, learn about the Heart Spring Community for Helping Professionals. Registration closes 5/31 @ 11:59pm PST!!!!

You support others. Heart Spring supports you.

An online community for helping professionals to continually evolve self-care and resilience practices, learn skills to bring to those they work with, and connect to a larger helping community.

Build resilience. Prevent burnout. Live happy. Help others do the same.

The Heart Spring Community for Helping Professionals is an engaged online community in the Center for Adolescent Studies with the mission of supporting helping professionals develop mindfulness, presence, self-care routines, and overall resilience. Rather than a standalone online course, the “heart” of Heart Spring is ongoing training and support. This is the best way to successfully integrate these critical practices into your life consistently. 

Heart Spring Monthly Membership Benefits

Registration is now open. Access to Heart Spring will start June 1st, when the first round of content is uploaded

One live webinar will be conducted for Heart Spring members each month. Join monthly live webinars on topics related to self-care and resilience both for you as a helping professional and those you work with. You can expect more of a didactic presentation with both solid conceptual frameworks and practical tips for you and your clients/students/patients/staff. Topics have/will include:

  • Resilience and Self-Care for Helping Professionals in Uncertain Times (4/3/20)
  • Compassion as a Resilience Tool for Helping Professionals in Trying Times (5/8/20)
  • Webinars on practicing and teaching mindfulness and mindfulness meditation for yourself and clients/students/patients
  • Webinars on trauma-informed adjustments to mindfulness practice
  • Webinars on how to develop self-awareness and personal growth
  • Webinars on topics improving general health along with psychological/emotional health
  • Webinars that target both your own self-care and how to teach those skills to the people you work with
  • Guest presenter webinars on topics of member interest*
  • And much much more!

*We regularly poll our members to understand what is most important and base content creation on those results! Your voice matters!

One practice session will be facilitated each month. Join monthly practice sessions where we as a community can practice and discuss resilience and self-care strategies, and interact with one another via the Zoom meeting (everyone on screen) format. Practice sessions will commonly take place after the monthly webinar has been completed and are intended to be extremely interactive and supportive for the community.

This is where we’ll connect!!!!

One mini-course will be uploaded to Heart Spring every month. Get access and auto enrollment in monthly online mini-courses on self-care and resilience topics. Mini-courses will range from 30 minutes to 2 hours and be updated monthly. CE and Certificates of completion will be available and as the library of courses grow, so does your access! As long as you’re a Heart Spring Member, you’ll get access to these courses!

General mini-course topics include:

  • Mindfulness and Meditation
  • Compassion and Self-Compassion
  • General Health and Well-Being
  • Teaching Mindfulness, Self-Care, and Resilience to others
  • Polyvagal Theory and Practical Polyvagal Applications
  • Working with Resistance
  • And much much more!

Mini-courses will highlight both the development of resilience skills for you as a helping professionals and how to share with your clients/students/staff/patients. Content will also be based on member polling.

We know many employers want verification of participation in continuing education and professional development activities. All of our mini-courses, webinars, and meetings will have Certificates associated with them.

Continuing Education (CE) will be available for all mini-courses and live webinars and meetings. We are continuously submitting applications to more CE sponsoring organization. For now, we have these credentials:

  • American Psychological Association (APA)
  • Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB)

Learn more at https://centerforadolescentstudies.com/ce

The core of what makes Heart Spring effective is community. We are a community of educators, therapists, mentors, coaches, youth workers, and other helping professionals committed to facilitating self-care and growth. The vision is that we create an atmosphere that supports both our own self-care and our ability to serve the people we work with through our collective wisdom. Our commitment is to continuously improve online community experience. We are dedicated to building a supportive and impactful community!

Who should join Heart Spring?

  • Psychotherapists
  • Educators
  • School Counselors
  • Life Coaches
  • Spiritual Guides
  • Mentors
  • Executive Coaches
  • Case Managers
  • Nurses
  • Phsysicians
  • Psychiatrists
  • Speech Therapists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Physical Therapists
  • Caregivers
  • Youth Workers
  • Elder Workers
  • Human Resources Staff
  • Anyone who “helps others” for their job

It’s simple: You login to your dashboard and get access to exclusive membership material including short, self-paced mini-courses, live webinars and practice meetings, all in digestable durations of content that promote you learning in a way that helps you integrate a consistent resilience practice into your life. We communicate about updates and new content through non-invasive weekly or monthly email updates.

How Heart Spring Works

Meet Dr. Sam Himelstein, your passionate facilitator

Are you ready to join a supportive practice community, build lifelong resilience skills, and better serve those you work with?

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Heart Spring Monthly

A monthly subscription
$ 20 Monthly
  • Monthly Didactic Webinar
  • Monthly Practice and Discussion Meeting
  • Monthly Mini-Courses with updated, evolving content
  • Certificates of Completion
  • Continuing Education (CE) for Eligible Professionals
  • An Engaged Community to Help you Help others

Heart Spring Annual

An annual subscription
$ 200 Annually
  • Monthly Didactic Webinar
  • Monthly Practice and Discussion Meeting
  • Monthly Mini-Courses with updated, evolving content
  • Certificates of Completion
  • Continuing Education (CE) for Eligible Professionals
  • An Engaged Community to Help you Help others
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